Challenges of Living with Heart Failure and Ways to Rectify It

Challenges of Living with Heart Failure and Ways to Rectify It

According to the American Heart Association, there are 6.5 million people diagnosed with heart failure as of 2017 report and it is on a rising trend.  Each year, more than 614,348 people die from the disease (CDC, 2015).  We know that when our loved one is diagnosed with heart failure, it can be frightening not only to them alone but also to friends and family members. It raises all sorts of medical and legal questions about what can be done and what the person’s future is going to be like.  Unfortunately, patients with heart failure go through so many challenges, but the best thing to do is to know how to manage the symptoms and keep your condition under control. What are the common challenges heart failure patients are going through?


Managing the medication

Living independently with heart failure doesn’t have to be hard. Heart failure patients take many different medications for the treatment of their conditions, making it hard for them to keep track. It’s also very crucial to take the prescribed regimen at the right time and understanding the different medications you are taking is as important.  If you are confused with so many medications, medication management by a visiting home care nurse would be available to you, sometimes at no extra costs if you are qualified.


Taking it slow

It is tempting to try and keep up with other people by overstretching yourself and worsening your condition. While it can be hard to take things slow, resting at appropriate times can keep your heart from overworking and adversely affecting its core function.  Making your health your priority should be your goal to help you live independently with heart failure.  In almost every community across the country, county public health social workers and community health workers, in collaboration with your primary care providers, reach out to you to disseminate critical information regarding how to live the lifestyle that is best.


Making changes

The American Heart Association stated that heart failure patients need to make efficient changes. They need to be well informed of your medical condition and what is physically going on with your heart in context with your other vital organs.  Know the lifestyle that fits your condition and the ones that can improve it.  Coming to terms with the changes can be difficult and unsettling, but setting realistic goals, one at a time is the best way to achieve a quality and independent lifestyle.


Ways to prevent Heart Failure

Heart failure can be caused by genetic inheritance, however, a chosen lifestyle has been confirmed by various healthcare sources to be one of the primary causes.  According to CDC, genetic inheritance, age, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and salt intake play significant roles in the creation of heart failure.  There are available resources including free reliable medical articles on the internet, clinical dietician, primary care providers, and Centric Healthcare that you can seek for further information regarding how to prevent heart failure.


Sources: American Heart Association, CDC.

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