Home Health Aide Services

Home Health Aide Services

As a quality home health care provider, our goal here at Centric Healthcare is to help people in Minnesota who may be facing a variety of health care challenges by providing a wide range of in-home care services, including assistance from a home health aide. Our home health care aides are important members of our health care team at Centric Healthcare. They help people by providing a vast array of nonmedical home care services ranging from companionship to grooming, eating, and personal hygiene. Our home health aide services help people stay independent in the comfort of their own homes.


Whether it be due to illness or age, there are times when the basic responsibilities of life become too much to handle alone. No matter the reason, home care assistance is available to step in and assist with some of the nonmedical tasks people may need in order for them to remain living in their own home and maintaining their freedom.  Age is a natural occurrence that shouldn’t automatically mean someone needs to live in a nursing home. Home health care services that are available to our residents in Rochester, St. Paul, Minneapolis, and Twin Cities are oftentimes just the thing someone needs to remain at home. An in-home caregiver can assist with personal care services and everyday activities that may have become challenging; also your senior family member can enjoy having the company of a home health aide on a regular basis. This can also ensure that you will have peace of mind in knowing that if something happens, someone is there to contact you and/or emergency help when necessary.


Our Home Health Aide Services

Home care services provided by in-home care assistants might be necessary for you to continue living independently. These in-home care services include assistance with ADLs and IADLs, which are functions necessary for healthy living. Let’s take a look at what services are included:

  • The in-home caregiver assists with bathing, grooming, and dressing.

  • Assistance with grocery shopping is an additional service.

  • Medication monitoring is another service provided by an in-home caregiver.

  • Assistance with grocery shopping is an additional service.

  • Another part of home health services is the organization of schedules and appointments.

  • In-home care also assists with light housekeeping such as laundry, vacuuming, etc.

  • Home health care services might also include providing transportation to and from doctor’s offices and other appointments.

  • An in-home caregiver can also facilitate companionship visits with friends and neighbors in order to keep you connected.

  • If physical exercise or at-home therapy exercises are ordered by your doctor, home health care services might also assist and supervise those needs as well.


Besides these typical services, home health aides also provide encouragement and companionship while you are adapting to long-term conditions or working your way back to the lifestyle you lived before. These non-medical in-home caregivers are there to care for you by providing practical assistance for independent living.


How Centric Healthcare Can Help

  • Access to Daily Care Specialists

  • Around-the-Clock Access

  • Extensively-Trained Caregivers

  • Unique Care

  • Avoid Long-term Contracts

  • Superior Reviews

  • We Are a Trusted Partner

  • Therapeutics for a Variety of Conditions


Centric Healthcare, a home health aide agency, helps seniors, as well as those with disabilities, remain safe and independent for as long as possible. We are much more than a home health aide agency; we offer quality, compassionate and loving in-home care services to the residents of Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester, and the Twin Cities for a wide range of home care assistance needs. When it comes to in-home health care and private home care, we understand that everyone and everyone’s needs are different. That’s why our in-home health care plans are created for and focused on the individual. We create custom at-home care solutions to improve overall health and quality of life.


Our home health aide services are provided by highly trained in-home caregivers to ensure they uphold our high standards for nonmedical home care services. We will work closely with you and your medical team to provide you with the best possible fit for all of your in-home care needs. Our home care assistance providers care about your loved ones and encourage them to be full participants in their care plan. For example, an in-home caregiver may assist your loved ones to prepare their favorite meals. Although this may seem like a simple activity, it helps to increase socialization and general conversation between your loved ones and the home care aide, which may help keep your loved ones mentally alert. At-home care plans are custom created, so they are based on the individual’s wants, needs and health. Whether it’s just a few hours each week or continual round-the-clock home care, we can find a plan to fit your needs.


If you or a loved one needs home care assistance, Centric Healthcare can help. Our highly skilled and compassionate home health care aides are ready to provide the assistance your loved one needs to live a full, independent life. Please contact us if you need more information about our home health aide services in Rochester, Minneapolis, St. PaulSt. Paul, or Twin Cities.


What is Home Health Care?

Home health care encompasses a wide variety of services apart from specific medical care needs that are provided by skilled nurses or private duty nurses. The services provided by home health care are typically carried out by non-medical individuals referred to as home health aides. These in-home caregivers assist their clients with actions of daily living (ADLs) and instrumental actions of daily living (IADLs).


Home health aides typically follow the directives of skilled nursing supervisors as well as tend to non-medical health-related functions such as vacuuming, preparing meals or providing transport to and from appointments. The services provided by a home health aide make it possible for you to continue to function independently, but with someone lending an extra hand.


Do I Need a Home Health Aide?

If you desire to remain independent and not placed in an institution or care facility but aren’t quite able to handle all of the ADLs and IADLs necessary to function on your own, then home care services might solve your problem. Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you believe that you might benefit from a home health aide:

  • Do I need an extra hand for getting around to appointments and meetings?

  • Could I use someone to help plan and prepare meals for me?

  • Is shopping for groceries and other personal and household needs becoming difficult?

  • Am I struggling to keep my home clear of clutter and properly cleaned up?

  • Has bathing, grooming, and getting dressed become a major challenge for me?

  • Do I avoid social events or visiting, friends and family, because it just takes too much out of me to get out and about?

  • Is it becoming more and more of a challenge to organize and remember to take the right medications at the right time?


Answering yes to any one or several of these questions is a good indicator that you might benefit from the services of a home health aide. An in-home caregiver can lend an extra hand for being able to do all of these normal activities as well as give you a greater sense of confidence and independence.


Benefits of Home Health Aide Services

The greatest benefit of in-home care services is that it allows you to continue to live independently in your own home rather than having to be placed in a facility or institution. An in-home caregiver is able to lend a helping hand in order to bridge the gap between medical-related needs and complete independence. Here are several of the benefits of home health services:

  • Getting to appointments, therapy sessions are not quite as difficult and don’t drain you of all of your energy when you are assisted by a home health aide.

  • Taking the myriad of medications you have in the proper dosage and timing can be simplified and organized by a home health aide.

  • An in-home caregiver can help keep you connected to your family, friends, and community by making it easier for you to get ready and get out of the house.

  • Keeping your home clean so that you don’t incur additional health issues and illnesses from unsanitary conditions can also be accomplished through at-home care.

  • Meeting your proper nutritional needs to maintain a higher level of health can also be achieved through the assistance of an in-home caregiver.

  • Bathing, grooming, hygiene, and getting dressed allows you to feel better about yourself and allows you to feel up to hosting guests in your home.


The primary goal of at-home care and home health services is to allow you not only to be independent but to carry on a lifestyle that is as close to normal as possible given your diminished condition. An in-home caregiver not only takes care of your activities of daily living to keep you active and an integral part of the community in which you live, but they also encourage you and help boost your confidence toward greater independence.

If you feel that you could benefit greatly from home health services and would like to know more about what at-home care can provide do not hesitate to give us a call today.

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