How Home Health Aide Services Can Help

How Home Health Aide Services Can Help

At Centric Healthcare, we prioritize a full and independent lifestyle in all of our service users. We believe that life is meant to be enjoyed. So if the situation arises that you or someone you care about, needs a little extra help in order to continue living life to the fullest, we are there to lend a hand.


Our home health aide service providers can discuss all of your non-medical needs and come up with a plan to help you with as much or as little as you need.


All too often people assume that home health aides are reserved for those in the winter of life. But Centric Healthcare offers services to all manner of people in need of assistance in the home.


If you’re thinking of joining our family, here’s what you can expect from a home health aide.


Assistance with personal care and housekeeping

The help we offer is tailored to each individual client based on their own unique circumstances. Whether the day-to-day household chores are becoming a struggle. Or there is a need for that little bit of extra support when it comes to personal care. We can devise a strategy in cooperation with the whole family and other healthcare professionals to suit you.


All non-medical services to be provided in your own home

We all know that being at home is where we’re at our happiest and most comfortable. That is why we strive to keep our service users there, safe and sound, for as long as possible. We provide all non-medical services in the familiar surroundings of a patient’s own residence.


Nurses there to help with grooming, lifting, toileting, and other personal care

There are many life events that leave us struggling to get to grips with the day-to-day necessities, like showering and dressing. From illness or surgery recovery to simply getting older. Our staff offer all manner of personal care from a place of compassion, and utmost professionalism.


Cooking and Laundry

Household chores can get the best of us all from time to time. At Centric Healthcare, our home health aides can help with meal prep so no one is left hungry. They also deal with a range of additional jobs around the home including laundry.


All of our services are carried out with the greatest sensitivity. We understand that inviting someone into your home to help with personal or household tasks can generate undue feelings of shame. That is why we place a strong emphasis on maintaining the dignity of our service users. Contact Centric Healthcare today for more information on home health aide services!

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