Senior Home Care Nurse

Senior Home Care Nurse

What Does Senior Home Care Nursing Do?

Eldercare, which is also known as “senior care”, is a specialized health care service that has been designed to meet variable needs as well as requirements of senior citizens. Elder age care is a vast and growing field that includes a variety of health care services such as:

  • Assistance in living conditions

  • Nursing

  • Adult day-care as well as home-based care.

Though many old people are capable of taking care of themselves, there might be a variety of physical conditions or disabilities along with diseases that can cause a person to consider taking help from elder health care facilities or services.

There are a significant number of senior-aged citizens who spend their entire lives with their families. Hence, their overall care is jointly taken by all the family members. Although, in the current scenario, there are numerous instances, where most of the family members are engaged in their jobs or any other work and are unable to provide adequate attention or care to their sick and ailing senior family members. As a result, they look for reliable as well as efficient elder health care programs.

How to Become a Senior Home Care Nurse?

Senior home health care is directly dependent upon the requirement of a person. The greater the extent of an individual’s disability, the higher is the quantum of their needs. Hence, it is quite possible for some elder people that all of their needs are not adequately covered by their caretakers which might be due to lack of adequate knowledge or adequate care which is required for them. This may lead to huge expectations which their caregivers might find difficult to provide.

To meet this requirement or fill in the gaps, caregivers should remember a few of the important aspects whenever they undertake care of elder family members.

Thus, for providing senior home health care, there are few pointers to be kept in mind which in routine health care may be often neglected on a day-to-day basis. They have very basic needs which are just required to a larger extent by older people.

A person who decides to take up any senior home care nurse responsibility has to be trained as a private duty nurse who is capable of providing geriatric care to the patients. Providing health care for aging parents is not an easy task, thus if any family is seeking help from any home health care service, it is only when they require help under dire circumstances. It allows a senior home care nurse to maintain their relationship with the patient as well as their family members while providing the best quality health care as much as possible.

Any nurse who is entitled to deliver care to the elder population within their Home i.e., providing Geriatric health care, provides their service in assisting daily life activities, for example, taking bath, going to the toilet, for feeding, during walking, while getting dressed up among other routine tasks. Thus, an elder health care nurse acts as in close association with their family members. They should be compassionate regarding maintenance of good personal hygiene, providing food and water as and when required, and also, giving medications that have been prescribed by a doctor.

Home health care plays an important and active role in the promotion of the mental health of a dependent elder family member by providing a good listening ear or simply by engaging in talks with them. Thus, in order to give the best possible care for any older aged person, senior elder health nurse develops connections at an emotional level with them and also, infuses them with a greater level of patience as well as politeness.

What is aging in place?

Sometimes, it may be difficult to acknowledge that one’s parent or loved one has reached an advanced stage in their life as they might require continuous care-taking or assistance for a long period. Thus, most of the agencies that provide Geriatric health care have a clear understanding and work towards developing plans for specialized home care for elderly members who help in promoting their independence while providing care to them in ease and comfort of their own houses. Family members should evaluate the health care needs of the senior family members and work with the appointed specialized nurse as well as the attending doctor and develop a plan which is considered best for these individuals, whether it is on a routine visit or periodic visit for ensuring their continuous and well sought after health care.

Thus, the goal of a healthcare professional is to provide help to those individuals who have a limited period for taking care of an elder family member’s health issues pertaining to various professional commitments or may be due to the reason that they can’t reside close to elder parents.

A senior citizen home health care service for the elder population assures good general care of older parents by providing constant monitoring of their general physical health and by reducing the subsequent visits to a hospital by simultaneously organizing private visits to an elder person’s home by either Doctor or Nursing staff or any Physiotherapist, whichever is required.

How Senior Home Care Services help you age in place

Home health care is a wide range of health care services that may be provided in the comfort of one’s home surroundings due to any illness or any injury. Home health care is usually less expensive, is more convenient, and equally effective health care that you can get in any hospital set up or skilled facility for nursing.

Examples of skilled home health services are:

  • Wound debridement for pressure sores or surgical wounds

  • Providing education to patients and care-giver

  • Providing nutrition therapy or administration of intravenous route

  • Injection facility

  • Monitoring serious diseases

  • Keeping observation of unstable health

The Goals of Home Health Care

The main objective of any type of home health care service is to treat any illness or take care of an injury. Home health care services help an elder individual:

  • To get better health

  • Regain personal independence

  • Acquire self-sufficiency as much as possible

  • Maintenance of current health conditions or normal level of functioning

  • Reduce the rate of decline in one’s health.

Home care services may include maintenance of the household, aiding in transport facilities, aiding in modification in-home, personal level of care, managing care of health care, etc.

Why Do I Need to Get a Senior Home Care Giver?

A senior home care nurse or caregiver has adequate experience in handling elders suffering from neurodegenerative disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, Parkinson’s, and paralysis. Thus, it is extremely important to select an experienced person who is capable of handling these individuals.

Ways Senior Home Health Care Nurse Can Support You?

Before selecting an elder home health care service, certain things must be kept prepared. For example, the type of health care required and available care. There are various types of elder health care services that may be offered for providing overall care and may be modified as per one’s need.

After making proper selection of any appropriate geriatric service care, there may be fewer things which are needed for making previous preparation for effective elderly care at homes such as:

  • Keep all prescriptions and medications of the elderly ready beforehand

  • Make a list of contact numbers of any family member during emergencies

  • By noting down doctors’ names and contact numbers

  • By listing dietary and nutritional requirements

  • By mentioning various activities and exercises which have to be performed by an elder as prescribed

  • Providing information concerning special needs or any concerns

Providing care for an elder person is an extremely difficult task if the care provider is unable to maintain rapport with the elder person. Thus, all caregivers must be compassionate and know when to establish a bond for providing proper health and physical care.

Benefits of Senior In-Home Care

There exists a wide range of benefits of elderly home care services, both non-medical and licensed medical services, such as home health nurse services. Centric Healthcare offers some of the benefits of in-home healthcare services and they include:

  • Freedom to remain in the comfort and privacy of your home

  • Lower cost than a usual nursing home, communication support

  • Home care services are provided by reliable and trusted professionals

  • Assistance with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, and grooming

  • Assistance with healthy meal preparation

Assistance with transportation to and from medical appointments and companionship

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